December 2020

Maryland Senior Call Check

Maryland Senior Call Check has same day enrollment. Register online  or call 1-866-50-CHECK.  Please help to disseminate information to older adults 65+ about Senior Call Check. This is a free daily call check in service.


Making Celebrations Safer (if they do include people outside your regular bubble). Among the key recommendations shared by Chase Brexton Health Services include: 

  • Use a CO2 sensor to monitor the ventilation in a room
  • Open windows, even just a small bit, to get a flow of air through the house
  • Sit as far away as possible to people who are from another household or support bubble
  • Keep bathroom windows open all of the time or the extraction fan on
  • Close the toilet lid before you flush
  • Use a portable air purifier to remove the virus from the air
  • Avoid Christmas carols as singing is known to release a lot more virus particles than talking
  • In the kitchen, keep the extractor fan on to ensure additional ventilation